• 01. The vice president doesn’t say anything about the possibility of him being the main character.
  • 02. Setting the old woman’s qualms aside, the Flying Pussyfoot departs.
  • 03. Randy and Pecho are busy getting read for the party.
  • 04. Ladd Russo enjoys talking a lot and slaughtering a lot.
  • 05. Jacuzzi Splot cries, gets scared and musters reckless valor.
  • 06. The rail tracer covertly, repeatedly slaughters inside the coaches.
  • 07. Everything starts aboard the Advenna Avis.
  • 08. Isaac and Miria unintentionally spread happiness around them.
  • 09. Claire Stanfield faithfully carries out the mission.
  • 10. Czeslaw Meyer is forced to rework his tremble-before-the-specter-of-immortals strategy.
  • 11. Chane Laforet remains silent in the face of two mysterious people.
  • 12. Firo and the three Gandor brothers are felled by assassins’ bullets.
  • 13. Both the immortals and those who aren’t sing the praises of life equally.
  • 14. Graham Specter’s love and peace.
  • 15. The delinquents that arrive at the high-class neighborhood are the same as always.
  • 16. Carol realizes that the story cannot have an ending.